Eukanuba BZZAgent


So let me tell you guys about my latest BZZ agent product trial, Eukanuba Dog food!

My sweet 13 year old Silky Lilly is a picky eater these days. I wasn’t sure about trying out a new dog food because she is so particular about what she will or will not eat.  My mother and my husband went with me to get our free bag of Eukanuba dog food. They both helped me look at all the different varieties and pick the best one for our dog Lilly. We all discussed how impressed we were with the ingredients and how we felt this looked like a great dog food. My mom said she would like to take some of our food home for her dogs to try too. I got it home and put a little in her bowl, expecting her to turn her nose up at it. Boy was I surprised! From the first bite of the Eukanuba small bites dog food I could tell she loved it. It seems to freshen her breath and from the list of ingredients, I can feel confident that I am providing her with great nutrition.

We also got a cool black light to check out the plaque on her teeth.  She had a ton :(.  I can’t wait to check it again in about a month to see if the food helps improve things a bit.  From the way the food seems to help her breath I believe it is working!


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